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Originally Posted by Alchad View Post


you do see the contradiction in these two statements of yours don't you? If not, just to clarify - where is the LEGAL evidence behind you allegations as opposed to the kangaroo court of your "professional" colleagues who wish to act as judge and jury on the basis of a very preliminary report?

No, of course I don't.

Who ramped this up to "LEGAL", this isn't a court of law. Or are you changing the rules midstream?

No kangaroo court - back to hysterical overstatement again! The evidence for pilot's actions? The preliminary reports and the data traces are all we have to go on but they're enough to tell a great deal. Or do you hold them discredited due to some hitherto unsuggested collusion or corruption?

I'm surprised you even need to ask that question...
There is evidence from the voice recorder (of the second accident) that the co-pilot was unable to move the stabilizer.
Until we hear the unredacted CVR I think we should be a bit circumspect about what was actually said or meant. Do we even know that he was talking about the stab(control column) itself or the trim system, and if so whether the electric or manual one? I'm not sure we do. Do we know if the pilots were talking in English or Amharic? There may well be translation interpretations in there or the chap's English might not have been quite up to saying exactly what he meant. There's probably precious little to choose between "pitch jam", "it won't move on the cc trim switches", "It isn't moving, shouldnt it be?" or "I can't make it trim" but I didn't get the handle out might all be possible yet quite different interpretations of the words we've been given.
The complete CVR recording (better in the raw but accredited in translation if necessary) will tell us a great deal more I expect.
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