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Originally Posted by meleagertoo View Post
Perhaps you'd add your aviation-based criticism of the Speed Trim system, the Elevator Feel system, and the Rudder pressure limiting system to name just three - that already exist, unremarked, on this manual flight control aircraft?

And explain why/how it is unacceptable to have safety augmentation devices in a manual control aeroplane yet you appear to believe it is perfectly OK for an entire aeroplane's control systems to be electronic? That doesn't seem rational.

How does the mechanical method of controlling the aeroplane ('manual' cable controls or fly-by-wire) have any bearing on the matter?
The systems you mention were all well documented, and have been proven and tested over decades of use. I don't think the same applies to MCAS (yet), and to describe it as a "safety" system is laughable.

My concern is not about whether MCAS is manual or electronic, nor whether the flight controls are manual or not. My concern is the introduction a system with a known delay lag. And secondly one which relies on a pair of AOA sensors, with a known inability to produce consistent and reliable readings.
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