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Whatever makes you feel better. Attacking BA instead of providing an actual rebuttal of the argument presented here is a bit straw man at best and indicates you’re losing the argument. I don’t think anybody from Norwegian has the right to point fingers at other company’s “depleting” Ts and Cs. Coming from the company that pays £80k to a 787 skipper and has its crews slipping in the Days Inn and Park Inn downroute together with the god awful Copthorne at Gatwick. The fact that they’re doing those things and still can’t turn a profit should give you a clue that there is something seriously wrong with their model.

Norwegian’s customer base is the low hanging fruit. They’ve pinned virtually their entire business model on it. Exactly the same customer base that is the first to suffer and stop travelling in any downturn and the same people that all the legacies have to do to pilfer is to unbundle their product and they can thus match if not beat Norwegian on price and they’re still coining it in from their premium cabins.

This is the fundamental problem with the model. It’s clear for anyone to see who has taken their head out of the sand. Are you seriously trying to tell me that a rights issue indicates a healthy company?

I take exception to this, living in the NE Caribbean, for years myself and many others used BA Club World several times a year from Antigua back to UK. Now, a vast majority of us travel back via Florida or New York to use Norwegians PE cabin. The staff onboard are so much friendlier than BA, despite the fact that you dont get a fully lie flat bed the cost saving is significant. Norwegian have a far superior product to BA these days.
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