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.... and now, because this is a pilots forum, the subject of Airspeed. Although a lot was going on, it seems to me, sitting on my couch, that if A/S was controlled, the misbehaviour of the trim would have been easier to deal with at a lower A/S.

The previous LionAir flights controlled A/S (obviously). When we “hand fly” (flight directors and auto throttle on) it’s analogous to me on my couch. Fly toward the FD. Hell, I even have a Heads Up display. If you want to see the other guys squirm, turn off the AT Much of this so-called “hand flying” isn’t really. I think it would be very human to miss the AS during an event such as this. I think pulling the throttles back once unreliable AS was identified would be key to gaining some time to think. Hand flying with AT on isn’t doing much good and has made me less aware of flying using the throttles.

I also believe the MCAS was not adjusting its trim input for AS. From what I’ve read in the discription of MCAS, it shouldn’t have been using 2.5 degree ANU at higher AS
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