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I thought, a very good post with an up to date overview of the situation in general.

737Driver #4438
By the numbers then: Stick shaker. WTF?! Check my power (increase as necessary), check my attitude, check my configuration. Is it flying or is it wallowing? ( my bold ) If it is wallowing, keep the nose down and accelerate.
Over the years since the 447, I've become seriously concerned about the lack of aerodynamic feel the Children of the Magenta line seem to display. I was instructed to take the BAC 1-11 to the push every other base check and remember with astonishing clarity how that aircraft felt. Hand flying to and from the cruise was taken for granted. No sims then.

A British Eagle training captain took a fellow FO and me to STN for some Viscount familiarization. One of the fun things was going over the end of the runway at 1,500' (yes, on QFE) and landing off that. We'd both been on it a year by then and it was just a fun thing to do. I can not imagine being restricted to simulated flight to get to know a type. I can not imagine being in the RHS never having really pulled the aircraft about. Mind you, we flew a lot of empty sectors back then which did not please the bean counters.

On the loss of vision thread, someone piped up and said, that's what the bloke in the RHS is for. Just go somewhere and land. Yeh, right. Good luck with the weather.

I'd have no problem stepping onto a MAX with 737Driver at the helm. But, he is pre-sprung to react to the smaller anomalies, but I'm still concerned by that 'noise' on the thumb switch trace, instead of a clear sustained ANU command. As mentioned, I'm still concerned about another 'ghost in the machine' computer anomaly.

I'd still step onto a flight was several of the experienced bods on this thread, but I wouldn't discount the chance of the craft delivering a WTF! moment.
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