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Originally Posted by 737 Driver View Post
Point of order.

There are are a whole lot of systems that can and have failed on numerous aircraft that technically put that aircraft out of its limits for certification. You would never depart with failed engines, failed hydraulic systems, failed tires, etc. However, they do and have failed, and we have procedures in place to deal with those failures.

To your specific question of how one could possibly fly the 737 with a known MCAS failure once they fix the runaway stab thingy....., well how about staying away from the edge of the envelope an not stalling the aircraft?
Perfect answer!

Just no mention of it in the fix.

As you are vocal and seems a very competent 737 pilot (certainly seems that way by your posts)

Can you detail how the/you cockpit would have responded after take off of the ET flight with you as Captain and with the 2-300 hr FO - who's job was who's when and why ?

Not a trap question just very interested.

Starting from the first warning you get and when you would accept it as a warning or a failure.

Thanks for detailed answers in reply (others let him reply and answer - he is clearly a very competent pilot on type)
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