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Originally Posted by GordonR_Cape View Post
There is still much to discuss about the failure of the "initial" MCAS design, particularly the points made by TryingToLearn. The whole story is a very complex chain of decisions, most of which have been described in detail earlier in this thread, and sure to be covered by the accident investigation and FAA review.

The "revised" MCAS tries to satisfy both requirements, by having a complex series of validations to reduce false activation, while still maintaining the same 2.5 degree increment of nose-down trim (rather than reverting to the original 0.6 degrees). News reports suggest that expensive additional training will not be mandated by the FAA, though some airlines will choose to do so voluntarily.

By now the costs to Boeing (direct losses and share price reduction) are in the billions, not millions, so that penalty card is somewhat irrelevant.
But Gordon the problem is there are things NOT up for discussion (seems under any and all circumstances - even before final reports) by Boeing and the FAA.

Training clearly being one of them - there will be no compromise it seems, there will be no required sim training or "detailed" training for the MAX.

That spells corruption to me.
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