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IMHO the discussion goes in the wrong direction. We all know by now that it was a combination of technical and human errors that led to the accident of two 737MAX. Whether Boeing or the crews bear more responsibility is debatable.

The real question is: Why did the aircraft behave this way? We have to find out why they got into this situation, and only then we know how the problem can be solved, so the MAX goes in the air again. Some say it was MCAS and some say it was UAS, probe fault, whatever.

For me it is not a probe fault and not a MCAS fault. It is absolutely not logical that on a new aircraft in two instances a probe brakes. Very remote probability. It has been said after the accident that data calculation or computation from the AOA sensor might be missprogrammed. Only then MCAS calculates rubbish (old hacker's saying goes: rubbish in, rubbish out).

I don't know what Boeing tested a few days ago in the air, but hope it's not only MCAS software they changed...


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