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Originally Posted by HPSOV L View Post
Yes, there was a slight difference between ASIs during climb out but at that stage was in the order of a few knots and practically speaking would probably be unnoticed in the dynamic period after liftoff, particularly in the absence of any alerts.

I'm not sure what you mean by "absence of any alerts." The stick shaker was activated. Is that an "alert"? They had a Master Caution associated with the alpha vane right after rotation. Was that an "alert"? The IAS Disagree annunciation appears on the PFD's when there is greater than a 5 knot difference for more than 5 seconds. That criteria was met in this case, so I'm fairly confident that this "alert" was also present. Despite these indications, there was no apparent attempt to cross check airspeeds even with an active stick shaker.

I'm not really sure what you are looking for here, because it doesn't get any more basic than this. The signs were there. We all agree they were unnoticed. Why those signs were unnoticed clearly points to a human factors issue.

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