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Originally Posted by GordonR_Cape View Post
Interesting, but inconclusive. My first reaction is that like many words in English "both" is ambiguous, it can mean "together" (noun) or "either" (adverb), which have very different connotations. The placard does not state that the function of the switches has changed, it is only implied if you already understand the consequences of the MCAS trim changes. I may be being obtuse, but a competent lawyer will see right though that...
Just curious, how many would read that slide, take perfunctory note of the change, and move on, and how many would stop short, and start asking "What? What does this change mean? Is this just a labeling change? Can I still cut out the auto trim separately from the manual electric trim? What has changed about the trim operation? Where can I find out more?" and what would be the result of such inquiries made to the company training department/chief pilot?

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