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Originally Posted by YYZjim View Post

But, history shows that Boeing will survive this. Remember 737 rudder hardovers?

1. March 1991, United585 in Colorado Springs. It rolled to the right on approach and crashed. What shocked everybody was that the NTSB could not figure out the cause. Their final report (December 1992) guessed that it might be: (i) loss of directional control, or (ii) turbulence.
2. September 1994, USAir427 in Pittsburg. It rolled to the left on approach and crashed. While the second investigation was still underway, there was a third incident. In June 1996, Eastwind517 experienced two episodes of rudder reversal while on approach to Trenton, New Jersey. With the help of a live pilot and a malfunctioning aircraft still in one piece, the NTSB had some clues. Their final
report (March 1999) implicated the PCU servo.
I do remember this, we used to practice recoveries in the SIM, not at all easy. You had to maintain extra speed on the approach so the ailerons would have enough authority over the full rudder. As far as I remember the 737 wasn't grounded then but it was a long time ago.
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