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Originally Posted by josephfeatherweight View Post
The new software simply doesn't work.
As previously pointed out, importing the old MCC logbook into the new PILOTLOG software results in losing all remarks/comments from the original logbook.
The "Return" flight button doesn't work - it simply opens the highlighted flight, rather than reversing the airfields and blanking the data.
The software is slow, clunky and basically nothing better than the last version. The ONLY reason I upgraded was because I was desperate for the new version to allow logging of flight time in 6 minute rounded decimal format, which is an absolute requirement for me.
I'm going to be seeking a refund, through Paypal if necessary, as the product does not work as advertised. Very disappointed and no response from the support team to ANY of my queries from over a week ago. Pathetic customer service and a poor product that originally had potential - I feel bad that I recommended this to colleagues...
When I was working as a flight instructor I encouraged all my students to start their flying career with an electronic logbook and MCC was the logbook I recommended. Also hope no one remembers it was me. Iím always waiting on my refund. Iíll give it a few more days before I try take this further. Total false advertising and a flop. Iím already 100% up and running now on Logten pro.
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