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The new software simply doesn't work.
As previously pointed out, importing the old MCC logbook into the new PILOTLOG software results in losing all remarks/comments from the original logbook.
The "Return" flight button doesn't work - it simply opens the highlighted flight, rather than reversing the airfields and blanking the data.
Also, once you've added an approach to a flight, I can't find a way to delete it, in fact, I get an error message if I click "remove".
The software is slow, clunky and basically nothing better than the last version. The ONLY reason I upgraded was because I was desperate for the new version to allow logging of flight time in 6 minute rounded decimal format, which is an absolute requirement for me.
I'm going to be seeking a refund, through Paypal if necessary, as the product does not work as advertised. Very disappointed and no response from the support team to ANY of my queries from over a week ago. Pathetic customer service and a poor product that originally had potential - I feel bad that I recommended this to colleagues...
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