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So, Mr Sinnett’s statements add something but are not clear enough and not deep enough. Many would welcome more.

I posted earlier in the thread that my impression was that only a detailed public presentation and publication by the ‘chief engineer (with FAA delegated certification signature authority)’ of the MAX would do. I wonder if Mr Sinnett fits that bill? The text has a ‘nice and sunny taste’, rather more commercial than tech savvy …
Way back on 27 Mar, the Seattle Times mentioned that Sinnett was trying to win back confidence. As VP of development, this is a double edged sword:

Boeing details its fix for the 737 MAX, but defends the original design
Edit: As a computer programmer (not a pilot), those 3 key questions were ones I asked repeatedly after the "fix" was announced. It has taken a long time for details to emerge, so AvWeek needs to be thanked for that.

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