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Originally Posted by 42go View Post

I'm sorry, but you and DRUK obviously do have a Masters in gobbledygook. DRUK says it "Might be a good time to reiterate the relevant part from the document:" - WHY I ask? Does he/she understand it? What is 'relevant'?

You 'explain' it in a way I do not, as a native English speaker, begin to understand.

What chance an Ethiopian or Indonesian pilot?
Sorry, I went through multiple revisions while composing that reply, and doing that resulted in some small grammar errors I didn't notice before posting it, like that not deleting an instance of "the", that was no longer needed after rephrasing it.

Without the needless "the", it reads: "They seem to mean that the safety added by not being able to trim with the thumb switches until you hit the mechanical stops compensates not being able to do that when you actually need it."

I fixed those errors more than an hour ago, unfortunately you somehow managed to reply to the version containing that grammar error after I already fixed it. If there are any more grammar errors in my post let me know, and I'll correct them.

I'm not a native English speaker and maybe I could have rephrased it better, I realize it could be hard to understand. That's why I then detailed what I mean by that.

I'll make another attempt, in case it's still not clear: They were saying that the designed electric limits, preventing you from reaching the mechanical limits using electric trim, have both advantages and disadvantages.
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