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Not too important, but there are 2 typos in the interim report which already misguided 2 PPRuNe posters.
By comparing the report text with the DFDR diagram, it is obvious that these are typos.
They may be caused by a translation from Amharic to English ?

So please read:
At 05:39:22 and about 1,000 feet the left autopilot (AP) was engaged (it disengaged about 33 seconds later), the flaps gear was retracted and the pitch trim position decreased to 4.6 units.
At 05:40:12, approximately three seconds after AND stabilizer motion ends, electric trim (from pilot activated switches on the yoke) in the Aircraft nose up (ANU) direction is recorded on the DFDR and the stabilizer moved in the ANU direction to 2.4 units. The Aircraft pitch attitude remained about the same as the back pressure on the column increased decreased.
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