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Originally Posted by BluSdUp View Post
Let one thing be clear, we now have facts.
The crew was extremely inexperienced :
The FO had grand total 361hrs of wich 207 the last 3 months.
The captain was 29 years. Had an impressive career!
Had 8122hrs total

July 23 2010 he graduated
FO 737-800 31 jan 2011
Then FO 757/767 777 and 787.
And here comes the problem: In 26 Okt 2017 he made Cpt 737-800 , SO less then 1.5 years Command.
There is a total of 1477hrs 738 and 103hrs Max.
Of which a lot is FO time!!
So, a low timer indeed!

This is a warning on so many levels!

BLU, do we stop using captains that have less than 1.5 years in command?
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