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Originally Posted by infrequentflyer789 View Post
This MCAS signal got through, which some will take as proving the switch position was changed, there is so much else going wrong not sure I would agree (that it is proven). Also, this still doesn't look right per the descriptions we've had:
- MCAS is supposed to have less authority at higher speed (maybe that's it, it is shorter input?)
- If AOA reduces then MCAS is apparently supposed to put the trim back up, if no pilot trim input - yet there isn't and it doesn't
AFAIK MCAS uses the same rate of nose down trim of 0.27 units per second, it is the duration that varies, with a maximum of 9 seconds.
MCAS will 'unwind' the trim only when the AOA reduces below the 10 degree threshold, not when AOA reduces relative to its previous value.
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