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Originally Posted by quentinc View Post
Agreed.. I think the FAA's AD acknowledges the challenge that pilot's might face. At the bottom of (h) it reads:
"Initially, higher control forces may be needed to overcome any stabilizer nose down trim already applied. Electric stabilizer trim can be used to neutralize control column pitch forces before moving the STAB TRIM CUTOUT switches to CUTOUT. Manual stabilizer trim can be used before and after the STAB TRIM CUTOUT switches are moved to CUTOUT."

The pilots runaway stabilizer checklist.... is clear... operate the CUTOUT. It doesn't say... try and trim first. For me the AD has never been clear. Are the pilots supposed to follow their trained checklists... and the very same AD, a few paragraphs above, that simply says operate the CUTOUT... Or are they required to make the judgment that they'll never have the strength to turn the trim manually, so they need to rely on the failing electrical trim first.... and then CUTOUT?

actually it does.......

“Control airplane pitch attitude manually with control column and main electric trim as needed”

its the point in the memory items right after disengagjng the autopilot......
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