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Originally Posted by jagema View Post
Speculatively with both pilots hauling back on the control column and no electric trim, the moment any of them lets go to give the wheel a try the nose would dip down again. Additionally, at nose low and high speed with stab overloaded the wheel might have been much too stiff to both move and do so enough times to make an impact.
I hate to speculate on this but it points to proper action by crew finding themselves unable to bring nose up with manual means and reactivating the cutouts to regain electric trim capability. (Which should come back and if used should stop MCAS either way, unless...)
If this turns out to be correct, could it be because the Boeing recommended response to the unwelcome MCAS activation was developed in a simulator incapable of generating the forces that the real world can generate, so the pilots developing & “testing” the protocol could pull back the sim yoke with one hand, while rotating the easy to spin manual trim wheel with the other? “Don’t worry, this is easy to get out of if we just add a page to the manual to tell people what to do, watch...”. Also “Flight test the fix on a real aircraft? Sounds like a lot of work, dude... let’s not, OK?”

No, well spotted, I’m not a pilot, but I assume that not every control in a simulator for an aircraft where the force felt through the controls relates to the forces the control surfaces they connect to are experiencing [i.e. a non-fully-FBW plane] will be 100% accurate?
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