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Originally Posted by Albino View Post
I think it would be wise to wait for the report. If the aircraft wasn't put in trim using the switches as per Boeing recommendation before placing them to cutout and it turns out that the switches were then turned back on, again contrary to guidance, the press release from Ethiopian is misleading to say the least.

The Boeing NNC regarding runaway trim, or MCAS, has never told us to trim to neutral before placing the switches to cut off. It tells us to stop the trim with the switches if the trim doesn’t stop after disconnecting the autopilot. Then use manual trim. Period.

The armchair experts have now moved from «They should just have placed the cut off switches to off and contained the problem» to «They should just have trimmed neutral and then used cut out switches and contained the problem».
Congratulations! It took only a few weeks to come to this conclusion.
The Lion Air and Ethiopian pilots only had a few minutes.
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