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Originally Posted by EDLB View Post
I have a simple question:
What happens if the trim cutoff switches are in on position (electrical trim possible), MCAS wanít to trim the stabiliser nose down while the pilot holds his dual trim switches on the colom for nose up?

Who wins?

According to water_pilot the PF winís but is it verified?

With the outcome of ET302 I have my doubts.
PF wins, see FDR traces.

On a different topic, failure of control column deflection cutoff override to always closed would mean that if the trim thumb button is pressed nose down, or fails to that position, it will not be cut if the pilot pulls.

Very rare coincidence, but previous posters are right in that periodical check would be needed.

It is in my eyes as dangerous and as rare as the control column defection switches failing to always open, and they installed an override for that (before mcas)
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