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Originally Posted by GordonR_Cape View Post
The Mentour Pilot video has been disabled. This often happens for technical or copyright legal reasons, and may be re-posted.
Disappeared while I was watching it I think - soon as I finished it I was going to comment and say something like "wow that cleared a lot up", but when it ended, it was just "unavailable".

Edit: Mentour pilot's previous videos have been actual training on a simulator. Doing freelance accident investigation was probably pushing the limits too far.
He has a bunch of other videos on LionAir, MCAS, etc. which don't seem to have been a problem. I've saved copies of the Leeham page and Peter Leeme's latest, for my own records in case the takedown is not originating directly at the employer and spreads wider. The investigation seems to have been leaking eight ways to Sunday, but everyone who had the info (possibly including tdracer on here) has been too scared to go public (there was just one post hinting on here, I recall) until WSJ blew it open. Then everyone felt safe, but maybe that was misplaced...

The video was eye-opening, raised a few more questions as well, still digesting it - made more difficult by only being able to rewind in my memory now.

Whatever, it is clear this is getting worse, Boeing are definitely not going to be able to fix this with a small patch over the hole, buffing it out with PR and a final coat of blame-johnny-foreigner.
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