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The Mentour Pilot video has been disabled. This often happens for technical or copyright legal reasons, and may be re-posted. His recent videos cover MCAS in outline, and runaway stabiliser trim in an actual simulator, showing how hard manual control is, but not commenting in detail.

Edit: Mentour pilot's previous videos have been actual training on a simulator. Doing freelance accident investigation (during company paid for simulator time) was probably pushing the limits too far.

The article by Bjorm Fehrm describes the situation clearly: https://leehamnews.com/2019/04/03/et...as/#more-29790

My point (not mentioned in the article) was that the checklists and emergency AD fail to mention disengage auto-throttle. IMO this step leads to excessive airspeed after takeoff, turning a hazardous situation into an unrecoverable one.

P.S. I have been away from my desk for a few hours, so responding to earlier posts won't add anything to the thread clarity.

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