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Originally Posted by FlyinColo View Post
So I see that Cathay is doing direct entry FOs if you have 1000+ airline hours. Does that mean when second officers upgrade they'll keep pushing me down in seniority or is each position independent?
Amazing! Within a few responses the thread has disintegrated into a cesspit of personal abuse! If you’re thinking about joining, the responses seen here and elsewhere on Fragrant Harbour should give you an idea of the type of people you’ll be flying with. Luckily not all are like that, but the atmosphere is toxic in the extreme. And before anyone wades in with the old “the company started it” line, we are all supposed to be professionals and we are tasked with upholding the integrity of our profession, no one can take that from us. We are personally responsible for our behaviour irrespective of anonymity.

1.If appointed a seniority number, DEFOs etc cannot jump you on the list.
2. You do NOT get any choice of which fleet you join on. They may politely ask your preference but the ONLY time in your CX career that you get a choice is at command upgrade, nowhere in the CoS does it say otherwise.

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