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Originally Posted by Takira101 View Post
One of every five people at most Canadian flight schools is from India. It has been like this since as far back as 2000. It should be very easy for you to find thousands of Indian people on Facebook who trained and then worked in Canada. They may be able to help you out with some information. Most flight schools are very experienced in processing students from India. A quick email to any major Canadian flight school should result in a detailed reply. As far as I know, your flight school can sponsor your student visa. You can then apply for a work visa after you finish your training if you wish to work as an instrutor. Contacting a flight school would be your first step.
Takira101, thank you for your valuable suggestions.

Well here in India, aviation is one of the most lucrative and unpredictable industries. After the 2006, 2007 recession, many of our budding pilots were left stranded without a job for many years. Unlike Canada, US, pilots didn't have the scope to work anywhere as a pilot other than an airline, not even as an instructor as we don't have many flying schools here to begin with. I had so many friends who changed their professions due to unavailability of jobs due to thethe effe of recession for so many years. After about 8 years, we see some light at the end of the tunnel. I assume countries like US, Canada face such bad times as well with respect to aviation industry which in turn affects many aspiring pilots due to unemployment. Correct me if I'm wrong. I have few things I would like to get clarity in to understand the Canadian market better.

How's aviation in Canada doing at the moment ? Is Canada really facing a shortage of pilots right now ?

How sure can one get a job as an instructor after finishing his CPL especially being a foreigner ? I would like to get some deep insights on this as I'm almost 7000 miles away planning to start my life in a foreign land. I hope you get what I mean especially with a question been asked within myself a several times, 'Will I be able to land myself in some pilot job?'

Are there any other opportunities than becoming an instructor to build hours ?

How does an employer differentiate between a Canadian citizen & a foreign national both with CAA license when they want to hire you ?

Can a foreign national build his hours by being an instructor or any other way possible to enter an Canadian airline ? If so, how many hours does a regional & international airlines demand ?

Is it true that airlines demand a degree in aviation ?

Can you suggest me some good flying schools and also tell me how good is Harv's Air in Manitoba.
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