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Originally Posted by Albino View Post
You may well believe it's that simple. There are plenty of distractions in the real world from ATC, terrain, weather/turbulence etc. That's before the stick shaker activates and the autopilot disconnects. Whilst you are trying to work out why that has happened (because it could be a variety of reasons) and fly the aircraft (including trimming), the aircraft is working against you. And this aircraft trims automatically on every departure, often against you.

Sat typing at a keyboard it appears obvious. All pilots will be able to tell you the memory items.
I fully agree that it might not work out as simply as the words I provided above might lead one to believe. As you say the stick shaker may be going off (probably would be if MCAS is active as both are driven by having high indicated AOA) and there might also be unreliable airspeed indication to deal with.

Two important things to keep in mind with MCAS:
- It will not activate with flaps down and thus will not be active on climbout until the flaps are retracted. If there is a gross AOA error (as on Lion Air) the stick shaker will be firing as soon as you get into the air. With this scenario you get a heads up that something is wrong with AOA before experiencing MCAS.
- If you continue to fly the airplane with the column and followup with pilot pitch trim to drive the column forces to zero you will have plenty of pitch control authority to fly your intended path.
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