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Originally Posted by FCeng84 View Post
The 737 is not a fly-by-wire airplane and thus does not have an augmented elevator command when flying manually.
The 737 is very much fly-by-wire - big thick 5mm steel wires.

Originally Posted by FCeng84 View Post
As mentioned via earlier posts in this thread, modifications to MCAS have been developed and will be out to the fleet this spring to improve MCAS safety. One of the key factors is removing the assumption that the crew, having activated manual trim, will provide complete manual trim to zero column force.
What Boeing REALLY needs to do is have multiple inputs to the MCAS, so it is not reliant on a single AoA sensor. At the very least MCAS needs to drop out if it senses a mismatch between the AoA sensors, and just flag an error-fault. The last thing MCAS should be doing is activating its protocols, when it must know that the AoA sensors are in disagreement.

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