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I openly admit that I am no fan of the way in which EASA works - being overly reliant on rules and law with sometimes peculiar interpretations of that law - but it's strange to see, following rather than leading, its member States' CAAs, that it chooses to issue an AD which appears to fail to meet the legal requirements set out in Commission Regulation No 748/2012 for such documents.

Of course, if evidence shows that the safety level of this aircraft may be compromised I would hope that this would be declared, even if the details of that evidence are not provided. Overall, as others have suggested, this is a situation which is being driven by public opinion (which may include a good many pilots). Those who claim that it's driven by safety I fear may be deluding themselves. I'm not suggesting that it is wrong that these aircraft are being grounded, but actions are hardly being led by the agencies that are established to protect the travelling and innocent ground-dwelling public.
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