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When Airbus brought out the A320 they were plagued by incidents where the pilots did not understand (or did not interface effectively) with the computer systems.
Citation needed for 'plagued'

And they still have the same problem - accidents like AF447 were dominated by a lack of understanding about the aircraft, its systems, and how to fly a basic aircraft that has little or no computer assistance.
AF447 was more about lack of training than the plane being the problem IMO. No one was in charge of the plane, regardless of what mode it was in.

Planes are more complex, yes, they are also, by any statistic, much much safer than 30-40 years ago. What has changed is the beancounters minimizing training to the fullest extent while the planes are becoming more complex.

Saying the planes are too complicated is reductive and uninformed, just like POTUS.
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