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Originally Posted by Sunfish View Post
Now is probably a great time to buy Boeing shares. I have rarely seen such utter tripe talked over two accidents that look, at least at first glance, to be caused by sub standard pilots getting caught by the same tricky but surviveable system failure. Read the 3$%^&ing Boeing AD! Another reason to stop putting undertrained muppets in airline pilot seats.

P.S To ‘Rananim” a pilot of a large passenger jet will NOT be able to distinguish between a faulty sensor and a “real” stall since the aircraft is not certified to stall at all, it is never intended to be stalled, nor does it provide the physical warnings of an incipient stall. That is the reason for all those stall protection systems! That is also the reason for extensive training on systems and their failure modes.
Not certified to stall? Hogwash, we just did full stall recoveries in the sim. Extreme buffet, wingrocking, 6000 plus vvi sinking stalls. This however was not a MAX sim.
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