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Originally Posted by HowardB View Post
I would like to note that Boeing appear have a suffered disproportionate number of crashes where their aircraft dived nose first into the ground:-
  • 737-200, UAL flight 585 (rudder problem)
  • 737-300, USAir flight 427 (rudder problem)
  • 737-800 FlyDubai flight 981 (loss of control during go around. Wikipedia indicates stabilizer trimming was involved)
  • 737 Max 8 Lion air flight 601 (suspected AOA/MCAS issue)
  • 767 Atlas Air Flight 3591 (unknown problem)
  • 737 Max 8 Ethiopian Airlines (unknown problem)
The only other incident I recall involved the Douglas (now Boeing) MD80 series.

Even though spread over many years, it does appear to be pattern, notwithstanding the very different causes involved. I cannot remember any of the competing airliners having similar problems - Fokker, BAC, Convair, Sud Aviation, Airbus etc.
You have had three recent Airbus crashes where they impacted the water, two in similar circumstances. You had one A340 climb uncommanded over Greenland and just miss a A330 which would have been one of the worst accidents in history. There have been uncommanded nose down pitching moments that resulted in a Rube Goldberg procedure of trying to shutdown two ADRís on the overhead panel but leaving a third running.
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