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Originally Posted by NWA SLF View Post
Ironic that members here who blame the MCAS system already are switching to A320s for their flights which also have the same type angle of attack sensors along with software to prevent a stall and have received faulty see also from sensors resulting in a fatal crash before the crew could respond. It was 10 years ago the A320 with 3 sensors had 2 freeze due to maintenance, the software selected those 2 to use neglecting the third working AOA sensor because it differed, put the plane into a stall preventing dive at an altitude from which the crew could not recover before plunging into the Med. darn Boeing copying AB.
This was an acceptance flight, the crew was rushed and did flight testing while on the approach (as opposed to doing it at 14.000ft, where they would have had time to recognize the fault). They deliberately attempted to stall the aircraft (if it had been a B737 it would have stalled too, and at 3000 ft probably would not have recovered either). Boeing didn't copy Airbus, Boeing's MCAS takes input from ONE AOA and allows it to run the trim all the way, in an Airbus you need 2 out of 3 to fail at the same time to get the same result (and the only reason 2 failed in your example is because MX didn't follow established procedure, not some unexpected design issue). "ironic" indeed....
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