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It would be interesting to get an idea if anyone else has been having sensor and MCAS problems. We know that the Lion aircraft experienced issues over several days. It seems inconceivable that the Ethiopian aircraft could have experienced anything similar and it not be written up. There are however a number of similarities so far between the two 737 Max accidents. For example both were first flights of the day from the airline's home base. It is quite likely that a daily check would have been carried out by company maintenance personnel shortly before the flights (in the Lion case we know for sure). It is also quite possible the aircraft were powered down before the accident flights, which may or may not be relevant, but experience has taught me that odd gremlins can occur when powering up electronic systems. Both crews lost control shortly after takeoff and impacted terrain. We will find out pretty soon from the flight recorders what happened.

Should it turn out to be the same failure then this is going to be a huge problem for Boeing. I flew the NG for many years and it together with the 777 have had absolutely outstanding safety records and very successful production runs. To lose two brand new Max aircraft within such a short period of time will raise big issues for the program. I have to say that given the present uncertainty I would not go out of my way to fly on a 737 Max until things have been clarified.
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