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I would like to note that Boeing appear have a suffered disproportionate number of crashes where their aircraft dived nose first into the ground:-
  • 737-200, UAL flight 585 (rudder problem)
  • 737-300, USAir flight 427 (rudder problem)
  • 737-800 FlyDubai flight 981 (loss of control during go around. Wikipedia indicates stabilizer trimming was involved)
  • 737 Max 8 Lion air flight 601 (suspected AOA/MCAS issue)
  • 767 Atlas Air Flight 3591 (unknown problem)
  • 737 Max 8 Ethiopian Airlines (unknown problem)
The only other incident I recall involved the Douglas (now Boeing) MD80 series.

Even though spread over many years, it does appear to be pattern, notwithstanding the very different causes involved. I cannot remember any of the competing airliners having similar problems - Fokker, BAC, Convair, Sud Aviation, Airbus etc.
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