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Accepting that the attitudes have changed in the UK MoD since the time of the accident, I find it very sad that in the current climate of a 'just culture' the potential for destroying these files, which represent a sad chapter of injustice, should exist.

While I would agree that the Gross Negligence that enabled a knowingly Grossly Unairworthy Fleet to receive an RTS and be put into Squadron Service, even while still being evaluated by Boscombe Down (who stopped testing and grounded their own test aircraft, urging the RAF to do the same), would make repetition unlikely, the cover up by the MOD and the RAF High Command continues unhindered. It is that very cover up that threatens destruction of the remaining 'unimportant' records of this tragedy.

We may append as many comforting words and titles as we please; just culture, Military Aviation Authority, independent, etc, but they are seen for what they are when an operator, investigator, regulator, are one and the same (aka the MOD) and can destroy such records at its whim.

This accident, more than any other, spells out 25 years on the dysfunctional mess that is UK Military Air Safety. These records must be rescued intact from the MOD's grip as per the OP. Military Air Regulation and Investigation must be made truly independent of the MOD and of each other.

Self Regulation Doesn't Work, and in Aviation It Kills!
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