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Originally Posted by unitedabx View Post
I would have hoped perhaps a little more compassion but oh no. So many KA drivers sat smuggling on the DB bus rubbing their hands and counting their money. In fairness the Cx AND KA cabin crew suggested the 13th month be pooled by all employees and divided equally amongst everyone. This idea was very honourable and the gesture very much appreciated by the CX captains. One group did not associate itself with it, the KA pilots.
Well I guess the boot is on the other foot now. Swires have their sights on you guys now. Good luck with that.
I donít live in DB and cannot speak for DB people! I for myself can only say it was wrong what happened, but I donít think there is anything we could have done... our 13th month is contractual. Itís there and as long as we have this contract, it will be... and I still donít know what you want from us! Ever since we sign on in CX I fell unwelcomed like a bad seed... but luckily I just donít care! Management thinks we are a big happy family!! We all know we are not! The thing is, I donít expect anything from CX guys and I never will.
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