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The previous DFO promised a statement on bases before the end of 2018. So as not to highlight her complete incompetence the current DFO put out a statement saying bases were being considered in the future. The recent notices all say "POSSIBLE" bases. Yes numbers have been published but these are not promises, these are projections and ONLY if the vote is a yes. Now you would think if new base slots were viable then the company would announce them and open up the bidding today. They haven't. What they have done is wet the appetite of the poor beggers who have hung on for almost a decade in the hope of an escape to their homes. The GMA talks of goodwill, well how about making bases available immediately whatever the vote result. There's a gesture of goodwill but it won't happen. Strings need to be attached to any base offer and these will not be revealled until after the vote.

Don't be fooled guys and girls. vote NO
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