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I am assuming that at least part of the BBC's interest would be in the differences of how the FTLs are applied in the Middle East. That's the real difference to regulations in a functioning democracy. Since there are no division of power and no checks and balances, the government owned airlines in the Middle East can pretty much do whatever they want. Who would stop them ? Not the government.

I haven't seen systematically falsified documentation of check-in times and thereby flight duty times in Europe. What's written is one thing, what's applied in reality is quite another in the Middle East. Rules are bent and broken, exceptions are the standard and there is no legal relief available. Nor are there unions or the free press to turn to. Not even the medical department is independent.

The result of pilots being intimidated and overworked is no coincidence. It is as clearly intended as the exploitation of construction labourers and the suppression of dissidents and journalists.

I encourage you to contact Orla and make your contribution to letting the traveling public know, what they are really getting onboard with.
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