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Originally Posted by 22/04 View Post
I still don't think people see the bigger picture regarding Virgin- Delta have sad that they have learnt a lot from buying into them and don't seem unhappy about it.

So -there will obviously be pruning at Fly Be. I would expect DSA and CWL to be vulnerable - and EXT at least to some extent. The new airline taking over UK regional and some LHR flying from Air France. (and gaining some LHR slots that way). SOU will largely be kept - it is profitable. - as will MAN with hub potential but I am less sure about BHX. All E175 to remain. LHR domestics to remain. Not sure about Aer Lingus flying- will IAG be happy for that to be flown by a competitor or will it go to CityJet.

There/s my twopenneth. - and it assumes VS is DL/AF/KL owned inn the main. This is Atlanta talking - it wouldn't be happening otherwise. And it will be helped by a third runway at LHR - that must factor into the thinking. Neither VS or BA want Easy there.
As if this little project was ever going to keep EZY out of LHR?! EZY has mapped out 79 (!) routes they’d be interested in operating out of LHR if / when third runway is ready.

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