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Originally Posted by TRN1K View Post
Acres of parking space, logistics, specialist cargo handling, hazardous cargo handling, 24/7 ops, no noise restrictions....just a few to mention.

North of RAF Leeming it is the next best thing available to the military with only one fully operational base in Scotland (RAF Lossiemouth). Not just to the MOD, but the other international forces that use it.
Given that (a) the OP was suggesting that it was sensible to keep Prestwick open because Leuchars and Kinloss are closed; (b) Leuchars and Kinloss aren't closed; (c) flights that require the things you mention don't currently use Leuchars or Kinloss (or indeed Lossiemouth), I conclude that neither the UK nor any other military have any significant requirement for Prestwick over and above what they already do there.
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