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Jelle: I certainly recall the photo, but the 1969 date is slightly odd. The Transport Force was in Air Support Command until 1972 and that's when the wording above the blue cheatline on the VC 10 would have reduced to simply "Royal Air Force." Strike Command formed in 1968 with the amalgamation of Bomber and Fighter Commands, gradually gathering all the others in later years. Ian.
There is also a penciled date on the back saying '7-9-72', but as that could mean anything, I didn't really pay much attention to it. The copyright marking is a stamp with the negative number added, they could of course have been using that same stamp since 1969. Wikipedia states that Transport Command was absorbed into Strike Command on 1st September 1972, so that would fit with the penciled date on the back. In that case, perhaps the 'new Strike Command' referred to the new variant, now including the transports.
Originally Posted by Tankertrashnav
I wish you could put that on the "Vulcans, Victor and Valiants" page on Facebook.
Could I kindly request everyone not to copy images from me or my site to Facebook? Instead, please post a link to the page where this image is available: C/n 833 - XV103 Opinions vary on the subject, but my problem is that I can defend including images on my website, or posting them under my own name on a forum (properly credited of course). Once it enters the shady domain of Facebook, all bets are off and I don't want to be held responsible or accountable for the results. Thanks!
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