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Originally Posted by MILLS92 View Post
Hi Joshua, I have indeedy, the preassesment tests comprised of two tests. The first being an hour long personality test, it would give a statement and then ask you to rate wether you agreed or not from "strongly agree" to "strongly disagree". The second was one of the ADAPT assessments, this one here to be exact: (https :// /PYSixe6iJvs)I had to add spaces into the link, apparantly I can't post them Untill I'm rank 10​​​​​ or somthing.The plane in the actual test flies a different route however and the questions at the bottom right are also different. It's actually alot more difficult to do than it appears. I'd say to prepare for these just be smart about how you answer the personality test and practice multitasking tests , you can also practice mental maths but the questions weren't at all hard, it was doing them while distracted thag made it hard as its easy to miss the question. When are you hoping to apply? And thankyou, Iv wanted to fly since I was 3 years old so this would be a dream come true if I get it. Hopefully ill see you in the sky one day
Thanks for the guidance. Iíve heard from someone youíre allowed to take notes during the ADAPT test. Is this so?
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