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if they could aquire a bt more of the land either by Monkton or eitherside of 03/21, you could have a whole line of hangers parallel to the runway, with the 2 perpendicular runways, it provides the perfect test bed after C/D checks.
Apron A and B would be an ideal maintenance area if the old terminal was demolished, no need to buy more land.
If IAG ever decide to consolidate more in house maintenance, they should be in there with an offer like a shot. It's not as if they can build more at LHR and PIK is close to both DUB and LHR/LGW. "Why send your A380s to Manila for heavy checks via Clark (or even LGW!) for the one hour per week when you can land them when you can use either of our runways 24/7 with a strong BA and EI service at GLA to transport staff back?" THAT's the sort of subasidy the Scottish Government should be thinking about, a BAMC of the North.
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