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Although what is being said is correct and work experience far outweighs academic experience,
My experience many years ago in an IT environment. My company recruited from existing staff from any department who had the right aptitude and attitude.
The work environment was very good and so enjoyable producing real results.
Then there was a merger with a company who had always insisted on a degree for all staff recruited.
Many seemed to think that they were owed a job , did not work hard, had no common sense ( no real experience working with people) and thought they were above all others.
The result was the vast majority of the staff at the first company left for better jobs and I for one had to endure working with many who were promoted beyond their capability.
My children were brought up to be good communicators, were good learners but did not achieve top marks in their exams.
Both were quickly accepted to the very top universities in the UK and did well there. The both have very good jobs.
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