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Originally Posted by Derfred View Post

A degree isnít needed to operate an aircraft.

But I think the question some are asking is why a degree is needed by some airlines to operate their aircraft.

An employer only has limited scope to analyse whether you will be able to become a competent operator of their aircraft, and a good employee.

At high school you are spoon fed. To gain a degree you must apply yourself in an unsupervised environment. If you can succeed at this, this is an indicator of your learning ability and self-discipline - attributes important of a good airline pilot.

It still doesnít mean you will make a good pilot, thatís why there are other aspects to the application process, but it means you probably have at least some of the attributes required, and you will be a lower risk applicant.

The degree doesnít usually even need to be in a related field, because itís the attributes that are important, not any particular knowledge.

That doesnít mean for one second that a non-degree applicant wonít be just as good, itís just that the employer doesnít know that at that point.

My employer doesnít require a degree, but certainly looks favourably on applicants with one.
Pretty much agree with that. A degree only proves you have the ability to attend some of the lectures and turn up for the exams. Lie on any of your qualifications then every single qualifcation then becomes suspect even if you obtained them correctly.
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