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Let’s face it, you’ll get what you pay for, Ryanair gets bashed all over, but still delivers what they are promising,….. namely nothing.. except cheap fares and not crashing an aircraft every year.

We can proceed to discuss how the industry has changed and how the commercial side took over decision making while not giving a sh*%t of providing a proper working environment nor giving their employees the necessary time to gain experience while paying them reasonable wages.

Nobody working in aviation more then 15 to +20 years does not feel the change and seems not to be worry about it. But unfortunately, thats the direction we are heading to….

Ryanair is just a mirror of our society and type of our current consumer behavior, cheap fares are posh and people don’t care getting treated like sh*%t as long as tickets cost less than the parking fee at the airport.

There are many Ryanair’s are around us, with different names and colors,.....things will even go worse.....
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