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Upset or aerobatic instructing? How to start?

Hello folks,

I've been kicking around the idea of buying an upset training syllabus from one of the training publishers and doing some part-time upset training. I spent 9 years teaching USAF primary UPT in the T-37 and T-6 so this would be my bread and butter, but mostly it would be a way to find someone else to pay me to turn a plane upside down. I enjoyed instructing so this would be something I really like doing both for my own benefit and for the potentially life-saving skills it can impart to students.

But... How to start?

Seems like most aircraft suitable for this sort of training are taildraggers and I don't have a taildragger cert. What kind of plane should I be looking at both for my own training, and to instruct in?

Should I try to join up with an established school, or roll my own program? Thinking syllabus, aircraft availability, insurance, all those considerations might be easier if I'm working through an established school, but are there drawbacks?

Basically I never did the private instructing gig since I was mil only until I started 121 flying, so there's a big experience gap there. I'm just looking for some info to help get me started. If it matters, I'm in the Los Angeles area. I still have the habit patterns my very first civilian instructor gave me 30 years ago and my PPL checkride with a former flying tiger (Lt Col Glen "Pappy" Hesler) remains a highlight of my flying career, so I'm kind of jazzed about giving back a little here.

Thanks in advance!
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