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Sam Ting Wong
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Slasher, US is out of reach for Cathay new-joiners.
I haven't seen a Green Card holder among cadets or DFO for more than 10 years. Those who do join are from countries with extremely low pay or with zero experience. Which is the reason why advocating not to join is useless. I flew with one guy recently who was very pleased he could go on a trip without worrying about the safety of his family. Go figure.

Pfly3, I agree, DFO on COS18 with a secured job in Europe probably difficult to sell. Maybe if your wife can work in HK as well or you like to live in South East Asia. What I don't understand :why the rant? You received a job offer, nobody is forcing you to accept it. I have doubts you are what you say, the type of anger you display is typically only achieved after joining and a few years in the company :-))
Anyway, the main recruitment into Cathay is via the cadet scheme, DFO's are a thing of the past.

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