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I did my interview about 6 months ago and I was offered a DEFO position on the B747. Anyway, after I did my math I realized this package is not worth to relocate on the other side of the world to be working as an FO for at least 15 years.

HK is a very nice, fun and international city but if you don't have money forget even to barely reach the quality life you had back in Europe. Apart from the expensive houses and the bad quality you get in return, what shocked me most was the costs for food. My wife and I went around a few grocery shops and we were surprised by what we found out, expensive products and not always the first choice. Also if you looking at dining out in a good restaurant you would pay at least 40% more than what you are used back home. Anyway if you can live eating mostly Chinese products of doubtful origin you will be fine.

On top of this with Cos18 is not clear if you can commute home or any base abroad would be available in the future so plan to be living in HK the rest of your life.

Long story short HK can be a great place to live if you have enough money, Cos18 doesn't give you enough money or opportunity for a quality life (commuting)

For those of you asking which other companies offer better working conditions if you are a FO go to places like EasyJet and in 4 years you'll get your command having a great quality life if you are a CPT go to China 8 years there and than you can plan for an early retirement. It's very sad to have to compare a once elite Airline with those places but this is what it is.

Sorry for the rant and good luck everybody
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